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We are not trying to "get rid of" our dogs. We are looking for the BEST possible home for each and every one of them.  Therefore, we do reserve the right to refuse to adopt a dog to any family for any reason.

If you wonder why our adoption process is so lengthy and cumbersome, many of our dogs were emaciated, sick, heartworm positive, covered in fleas, or full of intestinal worms when they came to us.  At one time, their owners convinced someone that they would provide a wonderful, loving home.

Clear Lake All Breed Rescue does not have a shelter.  We are a network of foster homes.  If you are interested in any of the dogs listed, please fill out an Adoption Application to start the adoption process.  You can fax your completed application to the number provided, or attach it to an email.  Please note, we are all volunteers with full time jobs, so please allow us at least 48 hours to respond to any requests for information.  Requests for information will be returned to those who have submitted a completed Adoption Application.  (Adobe Acrobat version of Adoption Application)

Important information below!   Please read thoroughly!
PLEASE NOTE:  YOU WILL NOT BE CONTACTED IF YOUR APPLICATION IS INCOMPLETE. If you leave off a personal reference or vet information on current or previous pets, YOU WILL NOT BE CONTACTED.  You will be contacted ONLY if your application is COMPLETE and being processed.  If you have not been contacted, that means your application was not complete or is not currently being processed.  If your application was complete, this does not necessarily mean you will not be considered for adoption, but instead that another application is currently in process.  Since our volunteers are limited, we can only do so much at a time and we appreciate your patience!  We strive to keep the status of each pet current on the web.  Please check the Adopt-a-Pet page prior to emailing if you are wondering about the availability of a pet.  If your application is being processed, you will be contacted to schedule a home visit.  The home visit is the last step of the adoption evaluation process.  Personal and vet reference checks will take place prior to the home visit.

Home Visit

Clear Lake All Breed Rescue doesn't want to judge how clean your house is, or how much money you have.  We just want to make sure that you've got the space for a new pet as well as a securely fenced yard.  It also allows us to meet all family members and make sure everyone is ready for a new family member.  This also gives us a chance to point out things you may want to be cautious about with a new family member.

Vet Check

This is used to verify that any current or past animals are/were properly cared for, including yearly vaccinations and flea/heartworm preventative.

Adoption Contract

The Adoption Contract is used to make the adoption process final.  Before adopting, please review our contract to make sure you agree with our policies.

Adoption Donation

Please remember, you are not paying for the dog.  You are helping to offset some of the costs associated with caring for unwanted dogs.  The proceeds generated by this policy are used, along with other donations and our active fundraising to ensure our organization remains able to take in any needy dogs.  In addition to loving foster care, we provide each dog with medical treatment including alteration, shots, heartworm testing, patella evaluation and dental care, etc.  We appreciate your support of this policy!  Our required donations are as follows:

  • For most healthy dogs and puppies: $150-$250
  • Geriatric or "special needs" dogs: donation is set on a case-by-case basis

Of course, anything more is always welcome!  After adoption we are always available to assist and advise our adoptive families in every way we can.  If for any reason an adoption does not work out, the animal must be returned to CLABR.

Pups Currently Available for Adoption